In need of some assistance-USA to CAN

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In need of some assistance-USA to CAN

Postby cddc » Wed Apr 29, 2015 4:47 pm

I live in Florida, where I work an hourly manager position (recently officially promoted but doing the work for at least 3/4 of a year) at Burger King Corp. My boyfriend lives in Newfoundland, where he's going to school and working for a privately owned construction business. We're both 23, a few months apart. We met each other a year or so ago on an online forum site. We eventually decided to date, and last May I got my passport and went up to visit him. We're trying to plan for me to come up sometime again when he gets a break between classes.

We've both decided that we want to be together, and that it would be better for both of us if I moved up there. We've become discouraged, however, because every time we start to do research on the immigration process, we run into dead ends, such as he doesn't work in a position that makes enough money to sponsor me as a conjugal partner, or that getting married won't automatically make me a citizen.

I have the number for the Human Resources representative for my job, to speak to her about getting an international transfer, but at the moment her and I are playing phone tag because she's on her rounds to the stores to make sure everything's running smoothly, but regardless I'd like to be more informed before I talk to her about anything.

There's also the option of me getting a student visa, but I'm in the dark about that as well, especially since I dropped out of college in a manner of speaking and don't have near enough money for tuition, etc.

My questions are, what would be the best method for me to move there and apply for permanent residency? Will having a manager position, be it hourly, at a corporate fast food restaurant increase my chances of being approved for a work visa? I've been through thousands of websites, so I'd prefer straight-up answers to simply links to websites, but any and all information and advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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