Health Insurance to Cover Delivery

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Health Insurance to Cover Delivery

Postby fatamorgana » Sat Apr 18, 2015 1:42 pm

I'm not yet pregnant, but hope to be soon. I am a Canadian citizen, but have been living outside Canada for almost 10 years. My husband and I are just applying for his spouse visa and living overseas until about May 2016 (or whenever his visa is approved and CIC tells us we have to land). We are also living in a country where neither of us are citizens as he's on a contract for work.

We are thinking it would be best for our baby to be born in Canada (especially for citizenship for their kids), and I understand if I want to be covered under insurance for delivery, I need to organise it before I get pregnant. I'd be moving back to Ontario, so would have to wait 3 months for OHIP to kick in. Not knowing when his visa would be approved, we figure getting the insurance would be our best option to avoid a potentially hefty hospital bill if things get complicated. I know I can go through a midwife, but understand they are very hard to come-by in the Toronto area and you need to sign up straight away.

Can someone please shed some light on to which insurance companies would offer delivery and what sort of package to look for? Or anyone with similar experience? And how long before you get pregnant do you need to have the insurance in place for it to be valid? I've seen a month before you get pregnant, but wonder what dates insurance companies would use.
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