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Canadian Rockies

Hiking in the Canadian Rockies

The Canadian Rockies are famous for well established ski resorts in areas like Banff, Kananaskis, Lake Louise and Jasper. But these mighty mountains can also be enjoyed in the summer months, and for those who like the weather a little warmer there can be few more rewarding ways to take in the beauty of the mountains than hiking in the Rockies.

Perhaps the busiest location in the Canadian Rockies during the summer months, the town of Banff is within easy walking distance (about 3km) of sites such as Bow Falls. Hikers can follow the green signs from the Banff Springs Hotel, over the Bow River Bridge and on to the falls.

For those that fancy a slightly longer hike, and a great view of the Banff townsite and surrounding mountains, the Tunnel Mountain Hike, a well established trail around 4.5 km long, takes the walker up 300m from the St. Julien Road in Banff to a spectacular view from the heights of Tunnel Mountain.


There are a number of relaxed, low impact walks in the Kananaskis area. From the easily accessible wilderness of the Barrier Lake Trail, to the educational Eau Claire Interpretive Trail, Kananaskis is ideal for the less adventurous hiker looking to take time to take in the beauty of the wilderness at a laid back pace along relatively short walks of 1 – 2km. Suitable for Hikers of all ages.

Lake Louise
For the more adventurous hiker, the Plains of Six Glaciers Trail begins on the shores of Lake Louise rises steeply up a challenging trail between mountain peaks past several glaciers. This walk lasts about 2 miles in each direction, and is to be attempted with care – not for very small children

For a shorter but no less beautiful walk, try the 2 hour hike along the Consolation Lake Trail from Morainne Lake to Consolation lake. This walk is suitable for all the family.

Jasper is perhaps best known for the Limestone Gorges; for a fantastic view follow the Maligne Canyon Trail, which like Eau Claire Trail in Kananaskis offers educational interpretive signs along the way, and also includes an adrenalin rousing suspension bridge.

For the experienced hiker looking for a real challenge, the Athabasca Glacier, usually known as the Columbia Icefield, has a hiking route marked out with signs that walkers are well advised to follow carefully to avoid the pitfalls of crevasses. For the well equipped walker – again not for small children.

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