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BC Labour Market Report: Hairdressers

The latest research shows, that 80% of employers expect licensing for hairdressers. 40% expect workers are expected to have completed a vocational training program and/or licensing. This is the indicator that the best way for those devoted to the career of hairdresser is the combination of professional education and licensing in British Columbia.

According to statistics the growth rate for needing more hairdressers will be 20% less than the growth rate for all other professions.

The majority of vacancies for this position will occur as a result of people retiring or changing career.

Hairstyling is a profession leading to self-employment. It fits those people who possess an outgoing, personality-driver attitude and a strong ability in hairstyling.

The majority of specialists in the field develop allergy to all sorts of chemicals. The repetitive nature of work makes many professionals leave the career.

This occupation is not highly paid.

Those, considering hairdresser career as one of the easiest ways to get sustainable employment are likely to face the reality of not stable and low paid job.

But if you are persistent, get excellent vocational training and professional license, are highly motivated, and you love this job, you are likely to make an excellent career as hairdresser. This occupation has always space for the professional growth.

Below you can see the table, which reflects the numbers showing the future of this occupation in British Columbia. (According to the materials of BC Labour Market Report, 2013)

Growth Rate for All Occupations Number of Workers in 2008 Expected Number of Hairdressers in 2013 Growth Rate per Occupation
Lower Mainland 1.3% 5,680 5,960 1.0%
Fraser Valley 0.9% 760 790 0.7%
Greater Victoria 0.9% 980 1,000 0.6%
Central Vancouver Island 0.9% 410 420 0.7%
Northern Vancouver Island 0.9% 310 320 0.6%
East Kootenay 1.0% 180 180 0.0%
West Kootenay 0.9% 180 180 0.0%
Okanagan 1.0% 910 940 0.8%
Kamloops / Thompson Region 0.9% 400 410 0.6.%
Prince George / Cariboo Region 1.0% 350 360 0.6.%
Peace River / Northern B.C 0.9% 210 220 0.8%
Northwest BC / Queen Charlottes 0.9% 150 160 0.6.%
Total 1.1% 10,520 10,940 0.8%

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