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Banff – Gateway to the Wilderness
Located in the heart of Banff National Park, Banff is a world renowned resort settlement set amongst the grandeur of the Canadian Rocky Mountains, in the province of Alberta. In the winter, resorts like Norquay and the Sunshine Village Ski Resort host some of the world’s largest snowsport events. In the summer, the Banff National Park offers great opportunities for hiking and camping, through which it is possible to get up close and personal with true wilderness and all of the natural wildlife which inhabits it.

Where to Stay
If you prefer a little more comfort than is afforded by the option of camping, there are numerous accommodation opportunities in the town of Banff itself, a small settlement little over 4km squared in size. From here, easy access is afforded to the surrounding mountain areas of Kananaskis, Lake Louise and Canmore, whilst the Banff National Park itself boasts numerous hot springs and lush, unspoilt evergreen wilderness. The popularity of this resort means that early booking is usually essential in the high season – although I did manage to find some last minute deals on winter http://holidays.monarch.co.uk holidays through Monarch. Make sure that you purchase a pass if driving into Banff; this is necessary to travel within a national park in Canada.

What to Do
This area has an embarrassment of riches when it comes to possible activities to participate in, all year round. In the summer, scores of trails lead from Banff to elevated viewpoints from which to take in the breathtaking wilderness; with options for those of all hiking abilities and fitness levels. For those who want to experience fantastic views of the entire region whilst expending a little less effort, a cable car can be taken to the pinnacle of Sulphur Mountain, known as Sanson Peak.

In the winter, Banff is hugely popular for it’s proximity to a plethora of ski resorts, with slopes such as Sunshine and Norquay practically on the doorstep. Within an hours drive are the resorts of Nakiska, Fortress and Lake Louise, meaning that the determined snow sports enthusiast need never ski the same slope twice for the duration of their vacation.

As mentioned, the popularity of the resort of Banff means that early bookings are often a must; if you haven’t planned ahead and are after late holidays, it’s worth looking at On The Beach.

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