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Skiing Holiday

It is perhaps no surprise that a country the size of Canada – which in terms of landmass, is the second largest country in the world – has some of the largest and most famous skiing resorts in the world. Soon, all eyes will be on British Columbia especially, as Vancouver hosts the 2010 Olympic Games, with the lion’s share of the alpine events hosted by the world famous resort of Whistler Blackcomb.

Whistler Blackcomb
The mountains of Whistler and Blackcomb, part of the Coast Mountains of British Columbia, provide a massive area for skiing and snowboarding in the famous Whistler Blackcomb resort. Boasting three high speed gondolas, and numerous chair and surface lifts, the resort accesses some 7000 acres of slopes. At the end of a long day on the numerous runs, it is possible to ski straight into Whistler Village. Here, one can unwind in the many restaurants, bars and spas that have lent Whistler a well deserved reputation for excellent après-ski. All facilities are within walking distance in this people-centred town – no vehicles are allowed within the village – and a range of accommodation from luxury to basic chalet is available. In addition to Whistler Village, the Village North, Upper Village and Nicklaus North areas offer accommodation with easy access to the resort.

Extreme Skiing
In addition to the standard, well defined slopes of the managed resort, there are a number of more extreme options for skiing off-piste. Heli-skiing, and Snowcat skiing operations run out of the Whistler area, and these forms of transport make it possible to access remote areas of untouched powder snow well away from the resort. Helicopters are used to transport small skiing parties to high, and otherwise inaccessible, untouched slopes. The Snowcat, a tracked vehicle usually used to create and groom runs, can be used to transport a skiing party on a tour of the unspoilt backcountry, with each day finishing with a stay in a back country lodge. Many of these lodges are equipped with luxury spas and provide high quality gourmet catering; making relaxation easy after a taxing day of cross country skiing.

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