Any option similar to Start-up visa?

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Any option similar to Start-up visa?

Postby cheburashka » Fri May 01, 2015 5:41 pm

I read from the Canadian Immigration website that they have this new Start-up visa (permanent residency), which sounds really great.

Does anybody know, if they have any similar option / permanent residency visa whereby they let the applicant himself invest in his own business (say, more than £200K, rather than seeking such investment from a venture capitalist) in order to move his existing business from UK to Canada?

Also important aspect I am looking for in such a potential visa being that it does only take a reasonable time to process the visa, say 1-2 years, rather than 8 – 10 years of average processing time that they have currently (based on what they have published in their website at this time).

Add to it, I am not looking to seek employment there. I am self sufficient, and I want to run my own business there.

Any ideas or information, if anybody has been doing such similar research please?
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