Canada Visitor Visa(Temporary Resident Visa) Query

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Canada Visitor Visa(Temporary Resident Visa) Query

Postby psggorai » Thu Mar 24, 2016 9:42 am

After submission of my online application for Canada Visitor Visa, I received a confirmation e-mail after 1 day and found the message as mentioned below even i already uploaded copy of my passport while submit the application and currently didn't find any button to upload it again.

When will CIC contact me?
You are expected to provide a COPY of your passport with your electronic application. If CIC needs your physical
passport, CIC will request that you submit it to our office. CIC will also contact you if we require additional information,
documents or an interview. For general guidance on what to expect, you can visit
or consult the “What Happens Next” section of the instruction guide associated with the application form you used.

Even after 3 days of submission, i found notification email regarding change of status but found exactly same message in my CIC account. After another 10 days i found one more notification email regarding change of status, however inside myCIC a/c getting exactly same message as mentioned above.

I couldn't able to understand whether they are expecting to submit the copy of my passport again or this is a generic message which all applicants are being notified as confirmation or processing of the application.

Please advice as soon as possible, because i have already planned for coming there on 1st week of May'2016 and reserved logistics accordingly.
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Re: Canada Visitor Visa(Temporary Resident Visa) Query

Postby Kubik » Thu Mar 24, 2016 9:52 am

Totally normal dont worry about it.
This is a standard message to all applicants notification you might receive few messages before any actual update.
Yeah I know, my english is bad
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