My Story Am i eligible ?

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My Story Am i eligible ?

Postby syed » Wed Apr 29, 2015 4:41 pm

My name is syed, 20 years old, I live in dubai, uae. I wanna obtain some information from forum guru’s and expert people in immigration field. My qualification is “O” levels and i also have HND in Business.

I was living a good life here in Dubai. But now as time is passing life is getting harder and harder for me, and the one who is making hard for me is my farther. Yes, my real father. He got married to second wife in pakistan, he brought her here. My mom got divorced and i was forced to life with my dad as per courts order. I’m in a big mess. My story is very big, i won’t tell you all of this becasue, it will take a lot of time for you to read. All this is happening, since, 2003 but let me start from 2009 which is very important for you to know in order to tell me ways out to get outta this mess.

I started living with my step mom and dad. My dad tortured me for 3 years, i never told anyone about this, he used to hit me, and with support of his second wife. I didn’t meet my real mother for 3 years and my other siblings. When i got fed up with all this, first time ever i misbehaved and he started hitting me. My dad’s job got over in begining of this year. In short, my dad started treating me inhumanly.

The reason behind was, i contacted my mom and he filed a case that i don’t want to keep him (me) in my house with me. I got so many calls from police station that your dad is here, he wants you to leave his house and you have to come to police station.
When my dad’s government job was over he got 70,000 (GBP).

I can’t go back to my home country as my step moms sons are threatening me that they’ll kill me if i come to pak. Because technically if my dad dies, his property and money will be divided between us, and now they don’t want that to happen. I can’t live in dubai also, because they have access to dubai any time, they’ll do anything for money. I don’t wanna die. I’m really afraid of going back to pak and staying in dubai either.

My step mom is from (Shia) religion and they also force me to practise their shia (religion) I’m sunni, Muslim. Even now after all this i don’t trust my dad also, but im really in to all fear thing, i can’t go back to pakistan at any cost nor stay in dubai.

I discussed with my friends they said that leave the country and go far from here.
I’m seeking political asylum, in any country where i’ll be safe and live y life peacefully. It can be either UK, Canada, Aus, Sweden, Netherlands etc any where i don’t have real concern with the place. I really respect other countries rules. I don’t wanna go to safe countries as an illegal immigrant. I want to apply as a legal immigrant and live a peaceful life.

I passed o levels and also have HND advace higher nation diploma in business.
Please, dear experts help me out, tell me what should i do. I did a lot of research on seeking asylum, i think its good foe me as considering my situation. What should i do, what would be best step for me in this stituation.
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