Accuracy is the twin brother of honesty; inaccuracy, of dishonesty.
Charles Simmons

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Alice Wilson, first female geologist in Canada
Alice Evelyn Wilson was the first female geologist in Canada and first woman to become a member of the Royal Society of Canada. This was a great achievement especially considering that Alice Wilson began her career in 1913.
She was a fossil fanatic. Collecting rocks and fossils was not just a hobby it was her lifelong passion and profession.
Alice Wilson was born on August 26, 1881 in Cobourg Ontario and as a child was already interested in fossils. She spent childhood summers with her two brothers searching for rocks and fossils. In her family science was highly valued. In addition to a love of learning, Alice was an outdoor life fan, canoeing and camping with her father and brothers. Read more…

Major James S. Matthews: Vancouver’s real archivist

They usually say that those who work in archives are spinsters: kind of an elderly and short lady wearing old-fashioned glasses. These people are also called office drudges. When on a walk with my kids in Vanier Park, Vancouver, near the Vancouver Museum I came across the city archive building with a memorial tablet in honor of James S. Matthews, the archivist. Intrigued I did some research, and that’s what I found about this extraordinary person.

In March 1971 city council announced Vancouver’s choice of a centennial project – the construction of an archives building and museum storage at Vanier Park as a memorial to Major J. S. Matthews: the man who had done so much to preserve the city’s history. Many people describe him in a different way like he was peppery, difficult, dedicated, courageous, colourful, controversial and single-minded. He was all of these. Read more…

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