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Cities of Canada

Cities of Canada

Containing the nation’s capital, Ottawa, Ontario province is a culturally rich mixture of some of the oldest cities in Canada and some of the most striking national landmarks. Competing with the natural grandeur of the Niagra Falls is the tallest (land based) building in the world, the CN Tower in Toronto. From the historical to the new, the urban to the rural, there are interesting vacational options aplenty in the province of Ontario.

The national capital Ottawa is steeped in the historical heritage of Canada, being as it is an officially bi-lingual city of English and French speakers. Ottawa is a quick trip away from the Quebec city of Gatineu, the officially French speaking sister city located across the Ottawa River. A trip to the bustling Byward Market is an easy way to immerse oneself in the rich cultural diversity of the city – and perhaps pick up some bargains too! – and a good place to eat or enjoy a drink as the area is well served with quality restaurants and bars. As with many capital cities, one of the main tourist draws are the Federal Parliament Buildings on Capital Hill. The Capital Hill area is home to many fine national museums such as the Museum of Civilisation and the National Gallery, and is well worth a visit.

A far more modern looking City than Ottawa, Toronto is a city with a significant financial district, boasting some impressive sky scrapers – none more so than the massive CN Tower which dominates the skyline at a massive 533m high. The view from the viewing gallery is a must see, and allows the visitor to walk the circumference of the tower for a panoramic view of the city and the shores of Lake Ontario. Canada’s largest City is also an important hub for the arts, with the popular Harbourfront area containing many entertainment venues as well as the start of a walking trail that winds around the side of Lake Ontario. Retail therapy is also in plentiful supply with a profusion of shops and retail outlets.

Niagra Falls

Perhaps the world’s most famous waterfall, Niagra falls is a horse shoe shaped waterfall 323m long over which around 600,000 litres of water drops a full 57m every second, creating a truly breathtaking and thunderous roar. Situated on the Canadian/ US border, this natural marvel is a must see. For the brave, tunnels afford access behind the wall of water comprising the falls. Boat trips are also available for those who wish to get really close!

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